Aged Care Funding For Home Care Services

Remaining in your own home and being cared for in the way that you, or your loved ones, want is essential to maintaining quality of life. Government-funded Aged Care is available to support you, or your loved ones, as they age. Carer’s Network is a registered private provider of in-home support.

For older people support may increasingly be required to perform day to day tasks. The Australian government subsidises access to care in your own home for the short or long term, from low-needs to complex care. Carer’s Network is an accredited private service provider for Aged Care services.

Research1 is increasingly demonstrating that for older people attaining and maintaining independence through support to remain in their own homes for as long as possible is a crucial element of empowerment and quality of life. This is strongly linked with leading healthier and happier lives for longer. Remaining in your community, nearby to family, friends, and the things that make you feel empowered and independent are key to supporting individuals as they age.

If you generally are able to manage okay in your own home but require some assistance to do some things around the home, or are in need of more complex care arrangements, our team of professional, courteous and skilled carer’s are able to assist you in whatever way you prefer. Our care packages are tailored to your, or your loved one’s, needs; whatever it is that they may require.

For more information on government subsidised Aged care services, visit Once you have determined your eligibility and what supports you are able to access, Carer’s Network can assist with the coordination and implementation of your support.

For more information:

  • Visit the MyAgedCare website
  • Call MyAgedCare on 1800 200 422,
  • Or contact Carer’s Network for additional information and assistance!

Aged Care

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Some Kind Words From Our Happy Clients

"I tried another agency before I contacted the Carers Network. The other agency were so disorganised and were always ringing me up to change the worker and the roster. I’ve had my carer the whole time since I’ve been with Carers Network, they are very organised. I highly recommend this awesome service!"

Sherry Nirens

"I use Carer's Network for my son, who has a mild disability. The carers have been fantastic. Understanding and attentive to his needs. I highly recommend this company."

Susan Hill

"I am very impressed with the care I have received from the Carers Network. Tammy is always on time and she is happy to accommodate my cleaning requirements as requested. She is such a lovely caring person. I enjoy our little chats and she has a wonderful personality. I highly recommend this awesome service!"

Sherry Nirens

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